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This is the new way we will provide information in "newsletter" form. I am delighted and excited that we have been able to find a way to make communication work better and integrate it with our website so everything is in a convenient location. We know we have issues with polling and this will continue to be something we look at, test and establish a new way of organising season teams every week.

We have had a lot going on in 'Spectres Land' over the last month. We had our strategy day (committee) which saw some great planning and actions for the remainder 2022 & start of 2023. We held our Awards night! Congratulations to all the winners, all very well deserved!

We have so many exciting things coming up such as our first ever Spectres Tournament, November Pride Events (We are Marching Again and will need volunteers for Fair Day!). Mark F will be setting up the Pride March Committee, so if you want to be involved, hit him up! So much to look forward to, more announcements to come!


New Seasons at Bendat commencing soon

It’s hard to believe, but there’s only two more rounds of the regular season left at Bendat before the finals commence. It seems like only yesterday the first round kicked off, but the shorter seasons at Bendat mean they come around fast!

At this stage neither of the Spectres teams playing at Bendat (Magenta and Ultra Violet) are likely to make the finals, so there will probably be a two week break during finals until the Spring Season commences on the week of August 8.

To get prepared for both Bendat and the next Loftus season we are opening up registrations now.



ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS RAINBOW GROUP We all love a drink, but in the queer community a lot of us can use alcohol as a coping mechanism. Alcoholics Anonymous Rainbow Group meet every Tuesday 7pm in the hall next to St Luke’s Church, cnr George and Rowland Sts, Maylands. For more information for yourself or anyone you may know struggling visit


Bi+ Community is a safe place for people who are not gay or straight (they use the term ‘bisexual’ as an umbrella term for that) to engage in discussion, connect with people, and form community online. There are also regular opportunities to connect in person, including events for Bi Visibility Day (23/9) and the Pride Parade. You can join the Bi+ Community Perth group by going directly to


We have a new train and play structure that we have built based on the recent Club Survey. This our new structure:

11:00 - 11:10am Shoot around , set up decorations , intro. 11:15am - 11:40am Beginners session ( Run by Gabz )

11:45am - 12:10 Intermediate drills

Court one: Gabz

Court two: Assistant Coach (Brendon or any of the coaching team)

(Rotate after 10mins)

12:15pm - 12:30pm - Scratch matches with instructions/coached

Court one: Ref/Run by Gabz

Court two: Ref/Run by Assistant Coach (Brendon or any of the coaching team)

12:35pm - 12:50pm - Game like Scratch Matches (Ref'd) [Rotate 5mins each game]

12:55pm - 13:00 - Team announcements / Photo

**Time subject to UWA, always check when you RSVP for train and play.


Spectres Winter Getaway

This is FAST approaching (next week)! Never to late to join us! Speak with Mark F to see if there are spots available and get in fast.

If you are coming and have not made a payment yet, please do that if you can or communicate when you can pay! (Event on Spectres Facebook Closed Member Group)

Spectres Stammtisch

Every Fortnight for the moment. Jessi is hosting this event and trying to make a casual event that becomes our club's social frequent catch up. When you can, head over. Event details will be updated on Facebook so watch out for them in our closed Group. CLICK HERE (Event on Spectres Facebook Closed Member Group)


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3 commentaires

16 juil. 2022

Looking forward to the winter getaway, big ups to Mark for organising!

En réponse à

This time next week! Cannot wait!!


Aweosme work on Stammtisch @JESSI ❤️

Excited for winter getaway @Mark!!!!!!!!

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