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Life Members

Life Members are awarded based on nominations from Perth Spectres Basketball Club Members as per our constitution. Nominations happen on the lead up to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the committee then reviews and decides if they are suitable for life membership. Life members receive free membership for life. Life members are announced during the AGM.

Justin B_edited_edited.jpg


Perth Spectres Basketball Club Founding Committee. Held various positions as Marketing Manager, Community Leader and Club Leader 2020 - January 202. Founder of the BASKET-BALL, club fundraising efforts and numerous club Sponsorships. Justin also managed to bring in a Pride WA Grant & support the set up of Junior Basketball.

Awarded Life Membership in February 2024.


Brendon Entrekin

Perth Spectres Basketball Club Founding Committee 2019. Founding Sport Leader 2019 - January 2024. Supported the writing & implementation of the Perth Spectres Constitution & Incorporated Association. Brendon ran Train & Plays over all those years along with organising 4 to 7 season teams each season.

Awarded Life Membership in February 2024.

Jono 2_edited.jpg



Perth Spectres Basketball Club Founder, 2019.
Founding President 2019 - January 2021.
Jonathan was integral in the formation of Perth Spectres. He connected with Spectres Australia, formed the club and ran train and plays before the season teams were set up. 

Awarded Life Membership in February 2023.

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