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Member News and Updates:

Pride Month is nearly here: We need your help to make Pride Month amazing.

03rd November - Paint & Sip: Pride Kick off Event to connect, fundraise and be creative! Buy your ticket here: 12th November - Fair Day: We need volunteers to support running of our stall.

19th November - Train and Play Pride Edition: Please attended, let's make this a great event

25th November - March in the Perth Spectres Parade!

We have an EOI for those who want to volunteer at fair day, volunteer organising the parade and also an option if you wish to march. The EOI will be open until 12th October.

Please fill out this form:

BASKET-BALL: Our biggest fundraising event of the year needs YOU! We are looking for volunteers to help us. The Basket-BALL is the biggest event and fundraiser on the Spectres calendar. We are seeing volunteers who would like to support. Ideally we need 3-4 committed people who can support semi regularly up to and including on the night of the event with room for further volunteers and support closer to the event. Your role would be helping source raffle and auction items along with supporting coordinated efforts to run the event on the night. Please reach out to Adam (AJ or Adam John (Facebook name on group chat)) to help out. Pride Basketball Tournament - Sydney Mardi Gras 2024 The basketball event takes place Wed 28 February - Friday 1 March 2024 in Sydney. We are looking for more participants. We have already Registered Perth Spectres Personalities - Men's team. We would be happy to register more teams if we have more players participating. If you would like more information and want to register to join Perth Spectres in Sydney, Please join this group: AUCKLAND RAINBOW GAMES: APRIL 2024 Perth Spectres are going International for the FIRST TIME EVER! Do you want to join us and play 3x3 Basketball in Auckland. Rainbow Games begin 4th April and end 8th April. Basketball is Sunday 7 - Monday 8 April 2024. Things you need to pay for as individuals:

- Flights

- Food / whatever you spend while you are there.

Club Covers:

- Accommodation from 4th to 9th April

What we will try to cover from Spectres (If we can):

- If we have enough money we will reimburse the cost of the rego but we are fundraising with the aim to make accommodation free. If you want attend please join this Facebook Chat Group - details about registration are in the group along with participating Spectres Members:


Perth Spectres members have the ability to be a casual player or permanent player on our season teams. The following Season Teams are currently playing. If you are keen on being a permanent player please reach out to either Brendon or Gabbii:

MONDAYS Bubbletea ("Womens"): Loftus Magenta ("Mens"): Loftus WEDNESDAY Aqua ("Mens"): Loftus UltraViolet ("Womens"): Bendat MIXED: Currently our mixed team is on hold - this would usually be on Sunday Arvo's at Loftus. If you are interested in playing Mixed please reach out to Brendon or Gabbii. COMMITTEE GENERAL UPDATES:

- Rebecca Lum has resigned from Perth Spectres Committee - In a recent committee meeting it was resolved that Adam Kinnest be appointed to the role of treasurer with 6 votes in favour, no votes against. Adam Kinnest is now Perth Spectres Treasurer.

- AGM Announcement will come in December for an AGM in February. Image Below: Sydney World Pride Basketball Tournament 2023 - Be part of the wider community, participate and be freely LGBTIQA+ ❤️

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