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Perth Spectres Basketball Club
Expression of interest in playing competition basketball.


Thank you for expressing an interest in joining a Perth Spectres competition basketball team.  


The Perth Spectres have social competition teams in several leagues across the Perth metropolitan area, and our mission is to provide an environment free from harassment and discrimination for members and friends of the LGBTQI+ community to play basketball, get fit and socialise.


To assist us with organising teams, please complete the form below. 

Section 2: New or returning player
Please indicate if you are a new or returning player
Section 3: Returning player
Which Perth Spectres team/s have you been playing for most recently? (you may tick more than one box)
Section 4: Preferred League

The Perth Spectres have competition teams entered in men’s and women’s leagues at Bendat Basketball Stadium and Loftus Recreation Centre. We also have a mixed team at Loftus on Sundays.

Please note that while the Perth Spectres are an inclusive organisation that recognises, celebrates and affirms players of all gender identities, the social competitions at local stadiums are presently organised into men’s, women’s and mixed leagues. Gender diverse players are encouraged to indicate the league/s you are most comfortable playing in.    

Please indicate which league/s you are interested in competing in (you may tick more than one box)
Section 5: Availability

The Perth Spectres currently have teams participating in Monday and Wednesday night leagues at Bendat Basketball Stadium and Loftus Recreation Centre. Game times can range from 6.15pm to 10.00pm depending on the stadium.

Sundays are between 2pm and 6pm at Loftus for the Mixed team.


Depending on numbers, other days / venues may be added at a later date. 

Please indicate which day/s you are available to play (you may tick more than one box):
Section 6: Permanent or Casual

Permanent players are a regular on their team for the duration of the season. Permanent players pay a full season membership* and are guaranteed a spot in every game their team plays. Permanent players may also nominate to play for other teams on a casual basis at no extra cost.


* season costs will vary depending on numbers, as well as the stadium and length of season. Several payment options are available, including payment by instalments.


Casual players are not a regular member of any team, but can nominate to play for one or more teams on a week-to-week basis if there are spots available. Casual players are not guaranteed any number of games, and play a casual game fee (currently $10) for each game played.


The Perth Spectres understand that players will have different levels of availability and some people are unable to commit to every game. Whilst we offer permanent and casual options, for a team to be viable it requires a core number of permanent players who can commit to playing regularly.

Please indicate if you are interested in playing:
# Please note, to play in the Perth Spectres Season Team you will need to become a member (if you are not a member already). Perth Spectres Club Membership is $30 per annum. If you want to pay for your membership CLICK HERE


Section 7: Skill Level

The Perth Spectres welcome players of all skill levels and abilities, from beginner through to advanced. To help us place you on a team that is best suited to your needs, please briefly indicate your skill level below:


Please indicate if you are interested in playing:
Thank you for expressing an interest in playing for the Perth Spectres Basketball Club! A member of the Spectres will be in contact with you shortly to discuss things further.

If you have any questions about this form speak to the Spectres Sports Leader.

By clicking on the 'Submit Registration' button you agree to live and breath our values of Community, Friendship & Respect and to abide by the Perth Spectres Club policies found here:

Thanks for submitting you Rego Form! Once players have completed the Expression of Interest form, we will be in touch regarding teams, venues, days, etc. Player packs will be issued when teams have been finalised, which will contain all of the further information you require for the upcoming season. Costs for next season are still to be determined, although we anticipate they will be fairly similar to previous seasons.

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